Elise is a private Speech Language Pathologist with a passion for working with children and their families in the Lake Norman area. 

Her services include speech and/or language therapy on a weekly/monthly basis.  The session can take place in your home or an agreed upon location, whichever is more convenient for the client.

With over 14 years of experience working primarily with children ages 2-10 years with various disorders such as Apraxia of Speech, Articulation/Phonological disorders, Autism, Down Syndrome, Fluency/Stuttering, Language delays, Language disorders, Voice disorders and more; Elise brings an array of various therapy techniques that are very beneficial to clients.  Her work experience includes outpatient pediatric rehabilitation with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, early childhood programs with Special School District in St. Louis, and as a clinical instructor at St. Louis University with undergraduate and graduate students.  Having experience in both the medical and educational aspect of Elise's field has given her a unique perspective that has greatly impacted the treatment she provides and has only strengthened her desire to work as a team with all caregivers.

Elise's approach to therapy is to provide a fun atmosphere for kids that is both engaging and therapeutic at the same time.  She also strives to obtain as much family involvement as possible to ensure that skills taught in therapy become part of everyday lives.  With young children, Elise loves to follow their lead and use their interests to increase their ability to communicate.  Elise's goal is to improve children's communication skills in a functional, enjoyable way.

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