"Elise connected wonderfully with my daughter and was able to engage her in fun activities to improve and correct her speech issues.  My daughter always looked forward to attending the session and was willing to practice at home based on the fun exercises Elise provided.  I also appreciated the at-home suggestions Elise gave me to help encourage as well as strengthen my daughters skills."

-Stephanie, Mother

"My 10 year old daughter has a variety of speech and other issues including anxiety, articulation issues, apraxia etc.  We have seen several speech therapists and most recently had the opportunity to work with Elise.  She was able to establish a rapport that many other therapists were not able to. 

As a result, my daughter was finally able to make significant progress in the area of speech that has positively impacted her life in many ways.  We are very grateful to Elise and highly value her expertise, professionalism and effectiveness." 

-Pina, Mother   

"When my son, William, first started working with Elise, he was not putting end consonants on his words. With the use of speech methods and fun, engaging games she has really helped him be understood by others. During a time as parents when we felt concerned and vulnerable, Elise has been such a great source of knowledge and help."

-Sarah, Mother

"Elise is incredibly dynamic! She has extensive experience working with all kinds of kids and I am convinced she will make progress with any of her clients. Each child I know that has worked with Elise has so much fun and begs to stay longer in her sessions. She really is one of a kind! You should have zero hesitation working with Elise!"

-Kristin, Special Education Facilitator, Forsyth County Schools (GA)

"As an early childhood special education teacher, I have worked with many SLP's over the years.  The compassion, commitment and love Elise showed her students and their parents made a difficult situation become an enjoyable experience."

-Stacey, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

"When my daughter's speech was first evaluated, I expected many years of therapy and practice. After six short months with Elise we have seen remarkable improvement. Thanks to Elise, speech class is something my daughter looks forward to and Mom and Dad are thrilled with the outcome!"

-Jennifer, Mother